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Preston is an indie musician, podcast host, husband, dad to a couple of amazing girls, and probably some things they haven't come up with words for yet. He started his Factory Flaw project in 2010 and will change the world with it one song at a time (check all the magic out here 

Nicole is an unashamed music junkie, cougar, goddess, and single mom to some amazing boys (now grown men). She has been doing radio, podcasting, and her own thing since 2006, as well as owning her own Spiritual Life Coaching business (you can check that out here 

A chance meeting in 2002 made good friends out of the two. Who knew it would lead to this incredible podcast and all the shenanigans, fun, and unmatched talent they would discover almost two decades later?! They are both passionate about promoting independent artists and music. 

Let's rock it out! 🤘



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